Valdin - High King of the Elves

Date of Birth:

Before the (First Beginning) FB



Hair Color



Great Spear

Valdin is the High King of all elves on Belroth. He is the ruler of the House of Hirwaith, and has ruled the elven kingdom since early in the first age. He is known for his very tall and imposing figure, though he is kind and generous to all in his good graces. He is known to fight with a great elven spear, forged before the first battles were ever fought by his father. He led the elves through many great battles, including Bolgors Final Assault in the first age. He has lived in Caperia since its founding in Belroth East, but spent time in Belroth West during the first age, fighting with the houses of men. Valdin was also instrumental in the instruction of Halland Half-Elven before the time of the Second Beginning War.