Halland {Half-Elven}

Other Names

Prince of Callafas, Son of Caperia, Strong Bow

Date of Birth

Second Beginning (SB) Year: 3107






Hair Color


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Halland Half-Elven was son of Barudan, the king of Callafas, a great kingdom of men on the very western edge of Belroth East. He was born in the Emil Wen in Callafas in the year 3107 of the Second Age, commonly referred to as the Second Beginning. He was the younger half-brother of the Ludan, First Prince to the Callafan throne. Halland was considered the greatest Elf of all time, for he became the only elf, man, dwarf or wizard to stand alone against a dark power and come out victorious. His bow is unrivaled in all of Belroth and his ability to wield the great elven sword Anglithar (literally means Cleaver Light) cannot be equaled.

Early LifeEdit

Halland was born in the year 3107 SB (Second Beginning), almost 20

Halland Half-Elven - The Greatest Elf

years after his brother Ludan. His mother was Anara, the Elvish daughter of Anthul, the third great king of Caperia. Anara wed Barudan, a king of men, after she met him when he once visited the great elven forest of Caperia. There she fell in love with his Golden hair and his noble demeanor. She was 1041 years of age when she married Barudan. Anara, only three years later, gave birth to Halland. Great though his birth was, Anara died only days following his birth, after it is said that she passed on all of her true elven power to him. Halland was considered special from the day he was born, being noted for having white, almost glowing hair. Halland led a truly noble life in the Kingdom of Callafas, constantly under the watchful eye of his brother. The two became nearly inseperable as Halland grew, and by his twenties, Halland was already becoming a steadfast bowmaster. Though elves generally age much slower than men, Halland had true Noble blood from both elves and men, therefore he was immortal, but grew quickly.

First BattleEdit

Halland did not encounter his first true battle until the year 3149, near his 42nd birthday, for he was born into an unstable time of peace. Approaching the wildly northern borders of Callafas with a scouting party, Halland noticed with his keen eyes that was dust forming under what appeared to be riders. It was not uncommon for the men to their north, known as Nynes (wildmen), to invade and raid the Callafas villages along the north border. Halland rode out to meet the riders, alone, as the men in his scouting party wished no battle with Nynes. Though men, they were corrupted and large, larger than even most Kings of Men. Halland approached the caravan of riders, maybe 20 in all, and pulled his sword Anglithar from his sheath and shouted "Nien lithar-o-valdin!" at his enemies. Light of Valdin come! The Nynes, confused by an elf in Callafan lands, began to panic and rode away in terror, saying that it must have been the great Elf-Lord Valdin. Two brave Nynes, in their foolish terror, turned and attacked Halland. The elf prince swung down from his horse in a flash and cleaved the first Nyne in half, as he had dismounted his great horse. The other swung around in a panic after the first was killed and began to flee, but Halland sheathed Anglithar and pulled out his great bow, a gift he once received from the great elves in Caperia. He readied his arrow and whispered "Lithar-o-valdin nim hel dargon" (translated Light of Valdin, end the darkness). At these words his arrow burst into a white flame as he let it fly. It pierced the fleeing Nyne straight through his heart and he fell to the ground. Upon his return to his fathers house, the scouting party regaled Halland's father with the story and told anyone they could find. News of his ability spread through all of Belroth, even to the dark lords in their towers.