Halluth departed with great joy and feeling of victory. His plan was simple, to take Kingship of the North, and build a false alliance with Arandalon so that he could then crush Eladellion and take Nimarin for his own. Halluth had never taken a wife, as no elf-woman would take him, for he was sly and cunning, but of all the elves, only he was despised. The journey to the north was long but easy, for the road was straight and unhindered. When the party reached the Strong Mountains, called Sallemogas, Halluth bade them all to stop for the night. He suspected many of the elves with him to bear undying faithfulness to Eladellion, and he worried they may cause problems. The night they made camp, he beckoned them each to a ledge above their camp along a rocky stair to question them individually. Droganar he brought last, and he questioned Droganar about his commitment to their cause. Droganar made his devotion to Eladellion clear. This secretly grew an anger in Halluth, which he felt he could not control. He devised a plan to remove Droganar from the group, but it would take time.

Halluth led them on, and after six days of travel they arrived at The Watch, a great stone tower in the mountains of Alrothiam where the men there lived. The elves had helped the men build a tower to overlook the north. When they reached the tower, however, only some thirty men and women were there. It was said that there was a disagreement on who should get the tower for his home, and many of the other men had left in disagreement. One man had, in effect, taken leadership. His name was Menefe'. He was of great stature, strong jawed, and spoke with great power and confidence. Halluth feared and hated Menefe' right away, but offered his assistance to grow the kingdom. Menefe', being one who appreciated the elves, took this offer gladly, and together they started to build the Great Realm of Men, called Bellendalon. After two years of work, Menefe' began to craft a great friendship with Droganar, while developing doubt in Halluth's motives. Halluth saw this friendship evolve and could seldom conceal is disdain. He often openly criticized Menefe' as the leader of men and said Droganar wished to only talk and sing, not work and build.

One day, Droganar confronted Halluth