Eladellion - First King of the HalaronEdit

Eladellion - First Elf



Date of Birth

First Beginning (FB): 1


First Beginning (FB): 1371




Halaron Elves



Hair Color


Eye Color

Bright Blue


Great Bow, The Sword Vyalaron (God-Slayer)

Eladellion Halaron-Enekh, First King of the Halaron, was the first elf to come to Alluvya. He, along with his

Eladellion - First King of the Halaron Elves

brother Eldaron, settled in the south of the middle lands of Alluvya called Alrothiam (The Peace Lands), creating the first great Elven Kingdom. Eladellion was born in the heavens to Hirwaith, creator of the elves, with his twin brother Eldaron and lived there for some 1100 years before Hirwaith sent them to Alluvya to settle the lands and create a presence of light in Alrothiam. Though men had inhabited the Northern coasts of Alrothiam for a few hundred years, they were unlearned and leaderless. When Eladellion and Eldaron came, the men called it the First Beginning, thus the first age of Alluvya began. Eladellion delighted in all things, both metals and growing things. Eldaron cared more for wisdom and growing things, and less for metals and war. Together they forged Arandalon, Elf Realm, and made great the forests and strongholds in the land.

In the fourth year of the First Beginning, Hirwaith created more elves to hellp Eladellion and Eldaron. He sent many elves, but all he sent could not live up to the greatness that Eladellion possessed, in wisdom or cunning. In year 13 F.B. Eladellion met the elf Nimarin and fell in love with her dark eyes and black hair and he wed her that same year. For 35 years they prospered and grew the land of Arandalon to a great power. In those years, the elves also sent ambassadors to the men in the north and taught them how to forge weapons and grow the land. Though the land of men was great, it could not rival the great elven lands to the south. In year 48 F.B. an elf called Halluth that coveted Eladellions wisdom and Kingship saw a great opportunity in the north, for the men were still leaderless and lacked true power. He brought message to Eldaron that he feared for the men in the north would be utterly crushed if anyone ever assailed the lands of Alrothiam. He proposed some of the elves move their homes to the north and aid the men into creating another great kingdom in the north, one not to rival Arandalon, but to support it. Though Eldaron did not fear any evils, for the land was without them at that time, he brought the thought to his brother, the King Eladellion. Eladellion, being wise and having great sight, thought this unwise, or at least, a game to create power, asked Halluth who he proposed should go and lead the men. Halluth, playing his games, suggested many elves of lesser power or knowledge, knowing they would not be suitable leaders. Eladellion, believing Halluth to be of false mind, offered that Eldaron should go, being oldest and wisest of the elves (save himself), but if Halluth wished, he could travel along and aid Eldaron. Halluth was enraged, but could not let Eladellion know and said he wished to think on the matter.

After many months of waiting and doting on Eldaron, Halluth again proposed his idea to Eldaron, this time convincing Eldaron that he should stay in Arandalon, but send Halluth by himself to help the men in the north. Eldaron was convinced as well, as he did not wish to leave the elven lands. Therefore he bade Eladellion to send Halluth. Eladellion was still not sure of Halluth's intentions, but he trusted his brothers judgement and finally let Halluth go. Along with Halluth he sent seven elves, all of great wisdom in one area or another. One particular elf he sent was Droganar, a personal trusted friend of Eladellion's. He asked Droganar to watch Halluth closely and report if Halluth attempted to take advantage of the men.

The first battle of AlrothiamEdit

War did not infect Alrothiam until 99 F.B. when