Dwainmor (Diord Line)

Date of Birth:

Second Beginning (SB) Year: 2720





Hair Color

Dark red/brown

Primary Weapon

Battle axe, wielded with one hand

Dwaimor is a dwarf of the House of Diord, dwarves residing in the Memnam Mountains in Central Belroth. He is well known for traveling with the great Elf, Halland, during the time of the Great Second Beginning War. He was considered an ambassador for his people, though he was primarily a great warrior. His weapon was a battle axe, the handle made of black metals from deep inside the Memnan Mountains and its blade forged by dwarven smiths. He wielded it one handed, and could also bear a shield, though he rarely did.

Before the Great Second Beginning WarEdit

Dwainmor resided in the Menman Mountains among his clan, led by Hombur Diord, from his birth in SB 2720 until almost 2911. Many dwarves of the Diord line spent their entire lives underground in the mines, crafting treasures and great weapons. In 2913, Dwainmor traveled great distance to the north, to the land of Callafas, Kingdom of Barudan, in search of former dwarven kingdoms. Though he failed to locate the entrance of the former halls, he crafted a friendship with the Callafan king and his subjects.

Following his return to the Memnam Mountains in 2916, Dwainmor became more of a traveler, and ventured to the kingdom of Denevol, his neighboring country. In 2918, Dwainmor assisted the Denevol king in repelling the invasion of the Daidred Pirates off the southern shores of Denevol. He earned the kings trust and friendship, which would come in handy later in the Second Age.

Dwainmor developed a taste for battle well before he left the great mines of the Memnam Mountains, as orcs would attempt to raid the dwarven caves. Orcs began residing further north in the Menman Mountains early in the Second Age. In SB 722, the Dark Lord of Hargon sent his spies to all parts of Belroth, and used his knowledge to constantly assault the dwarven undergound kingdom. Because of this, all dwarves born to the Diord Line were taught early on how to kill orcs.

Daidred Pirates in Denevol and South MemnanEdit

In 2918, Dwainmor wandered East into the kingdom of men called Denevol.