Welcome to the Belroth - Tales of Halland Wiki

Belroth - Tales of Halland is the compilation of stories about the land of Belroth (literally translated Dirt Lands) and its greatest heroes, primarily Halland the Half-Elven, son of Barudan, the Lord of Callafas.

Welcome to Belroth!

I'm currently building all of the histories of Belroth, so stay tuned.

The primary objectives at this time are getting the entire story of Hallands quest to rid Belroth of the forces of Hargon. Included in this are:

  • The recovering of the Sword of Kings and journey to deliver it.
  • The convincing and crowning of Emethe, the Denevol prince.
  • The history of Callafas, up to the current king, Barudan.
  • An exploration of the settlement of Belroth east at the end of the First Age.
  • Important pieces of history pertaining to the story of Halland.

Latest activity

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